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Although this photo was taken on the hilltop at Hermosa last Spring, it captures the spirit of the recent Texas Hill Country Winery Tour that CJ and I embarked upon a couple of weeks ago. It seems that wineries are springing up everywhere along US290 east of Fredericksburg. But the best wines that I tasted on this tour were located down Ranch Road 1376 in Sisterdale and a little further down the road at the Singing Waters Winery in Comfort, Texas.

Sisterdale winery is located in an old cotton gin facility and the reds, especially the blends were surprisingly good. Down at Singing Waters it was the Pinot Grigio that caught my attention and we enjoyed a glass with our late lunch along the dry creek. The Singing Waters winery is in a beautiful setting just outside of Comfort. You have to drive about three miles up a winding narrow road in the hills and through a sprawling church camp along the way to get to the winery (so very Texas). But Humphrey the dog is there to greet you when you do arrive and the location in the valley is quite beautiful.

Texas wines have come a long way in the last few years. You still won’t find anything worth a decent pour at your local Kroger or Safeway as the volume of these smaller wineries is just not up to such distribution. But if you find yourself dining in the Texas Hill Country, consider trying wines from Sisterdale or Singing Waters if you see them on the list. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.