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And I thought we had problems with feral hogs here in Texas…

You can’t hire a qualified monkey catcher in this town for love or money.

So says the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, the body tasked with providing civic services such as garbage collection and road repair. Since 2007, the MCD has also been under court order to catch the monkeys that run amok through the city and to relocate them to a wildlife sanctuary on the edge of town. But the MCD went back to court this week to say it cannot meet that responsibility because it can’t hire monkey catchers, despite running dozens of newspaper advertisements and scouring the monkey-management world.

Full article here. (via Marginal Revolution)

Sometimes I think I spend my days scouring the monkey-management world.


God’s Country Taxidermy

Think about that one for a minute.

(via New Scientist)

First sound ever was maybe something like this? But that primal band was so hot that you could not stay in the same universe. I recommend going to the link near the end of the article to access the extended version narrated by the researchers.

Senator Jim DeMint, July, 2009: “If we are able to stop Obama on this [health care reform] it will be his Waterloo..”

(Game show buzzer here) I’m sorry, Senator DeMint, that’s not the answer we were looking for! But as a consolation prize, you get the home version of our game and this nifty little number from ABBA!:

Great description of the magnification of this fractal at Kottke.

I once had a cat that would from time to time assume a sphinx like position and with eyes tightly closed would sit for long periods of time in what looked like a state of deep meditation. I claimed that during these times he was “receiving”, though I never really knew the source of the transmission. Now I know.

Turn the volume up loud for best effect. (via)