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There are a couple of caves in the ravine with very round openings. When I was down there shooting before pics for the clean out project I happened to frame one that when put into grey scale looked remarkably like a giant eye and eyebrow. From the stern look I think that the god of the ravine may have been displeased at having been photographed. I’ll be more respectful in the future. Incidentally, this is the same cave that a wild boar emerged from to challenge my neighbor when he was scouting out the project. Fortunately, he escaped without injury. The enchantment of the central Texas hill country…



New telephoto lens puts backyard in perspective



or a dagger?

or a dagger?!

Taken at Festival Hill at Round Top, Texas while on a motorcycle ride with zeppomanx.

Heavily edited.

This has to be a metaphor for something.

With clear skies, cool temperatures and low humidity, Friday was not a day to be wasted on work. For those of you not familiar with Houston weather, when this happens in October it can create something close to a religious experience for the locals. Probably has something to do with more oxygen and less ozone and smog in the air. At any rate, I celebrated the occasion by spending the morning drinking coffee and reading at Boheme and then heading over to the MFA Houston to view the German impressionist landscape paintings by Liebermann, Corinth and Slevogt.

Inspired by these works, I returned home in the late afternoon to engage the light and landscaping of my backyard with the camera.

I spent a couple of hours on Saturday enjoying late summer along the Cypress Creek Greenway. Autumn is not yet here but summer is definitely on the way out and it was a great day for a long walk through this very pretty area.

Along Cypress Creek, Spring, TX

The Frog dude below watched me weed out the Irises and pull up the remaining Zinnias last Saturday. He seemed to enjoy my company as he was in no hurry to move along while I worked around him. He also waited patiently while I went to retrieve my camera. We chatted for a while and he was a rather good listener.