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In 1997, the disaster film The Volcano was released. A tag line was, “Hot lava’s coming!”

My daughter was four years old at the time and during a warm weather car trip with the windows down she suddenly exclaimed from the car seat in the back, “Hot lava’s coming!!….. and my hair’s a mess!!”

It became an oft repeated line in our family for years.

Tonight I was listening to Ryan Adams singing “I do not Feel Like Being Good” (2015) when he sings,

…”the sky’s on fire, your hair’s a mess”…

I like to think that Maura gave birth to this line years ago and it descended like a floating seed, landing in Ryan Adam’s mind only recently.


I highly recommend that you check out the latest Austin City Limits on featuring Bonnie Raitt and Mavis Staples. It has a very Southern vibe with Bonnie opening up with some straight up blues and Mavis taking that vibe and stirring gospel into it. Bonnie then comes back to join Mavis to deliver a beautiful combination of the styles.

It’s one of those moments that when it’s over you want to pour a bourbon, walk outside, look up at the stars and smile. Because when it comes to the big questions, the answer is….we don’t know. But two women just sang from the depths of their soul and the world is much better for it.

Peace, y’all.


This song makes me want to light the barbeque, open a cold one and dance around the pool!

And have you noticed that ukuleles are everywhere in folk music now?

The Head and the Heart

…without a doubt. Sunday I plan to spend several hours riding through the areas of horse farms and National Forest to the north and west of where I live. Autumn is the perfect riding season in this region and what could be more contemplative than a long gallop over the river and through the woods on a fine cruiser.

Breathe deeply and smile. Namaste.

Ok, so it’s Friday afternoon and I’m about to boot down and go to the house. Too much work this week, amigos….Take it away, Lady J……(via Kottke)

(via New Scientist)

First sound ever was maybe something like this? But that primal band was so hot that you could not stay in the same universe. I recommend going to the link near the end of the article to access the extended version narrated by the researchers.

When I was ten years old, I really, really wanted to be Herb Alpert and play cool tunes on the trumpet. Oh, and be served a cocktail by a beautiful woman reclining on the wing of a biplane.

This past weekend I downloaded Going Places and Whipped Cream and Other Delights, then spent a lazy sunny afternoon driving around town on the motorcycle listening to these great sounds from my childhood. Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass had such a unique, distinctive style. Their tight arrangements and infectious melodies made them one of the greatest pop music groups of the mid 1960s. After a run through of both of these albums, I wanted to put on some nice clothes and have a martini. But it was Sunday and I was out of vermouth. (Sadly, no booze may be purchased in Texas on Sunday.)

The Sunday Boston Globe has a feature on the Bohlen-Pierce music system, a system of 13 equal steps where the high note is three times the frequency of the low note on the scale. Invented, or probably better described as discovered in the late 1970’s, Bohlen-Pierce is moving out of experimental electronica and into more traditional musical realms. New instruments are now available to play music using this system. A good example of a Bohlen-Pierce clarinet sound may be found on the Globe site. More examples of music in this system can be found here.

Spring’s on! (almost.)

Let’s get the weekend rolling.