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It’s been nearly a year since my last post and I was about to give up blogging altogether but something about this beautiful Spring day convinced me to jump back in. Baseball season begins this Sunday night in Houston, I am contemplating brewing an IPA for the summer, I have purchased a new lens for my recently refurbished (long story, will get into later) camera and have also purchased new travel gear for my motorcycle (related to long story mentioned above). Should be a good Spring and Summer ahead and I’ll keep posting as it unfolds.


Version 1.0 of Rudy Brew Pale Ale was presented this afternoon to great fanfare!

Well, what really happened was Rudy slept through the ceremony as I contemplated the flavors and delightfully hoppy finish while listening to the Alabama Shakes under the umbrella near the pool. It was a good afternoon. The jasmine is in bloom. The roses are in full glory and the mosquitoes have not yet drawn crosshairs on our bodies. Cheers!