A Place to Walkabout

I discovered that my commercial grade weed whacker was perfect for cutting short the native grasses and weeds with greater efficiency than I imagined. Last Saturday I managed to trim back about a half acre in short order. Now, one is able to pad about the grounds without fear of unwittingly challenging a rattlesnake for territory. I am considering scaling back the xeriscape to a more limited area near the house and letting the look below hold sway for the rest of the hill top.

The hot tub is now full of well water and awaits a final blessing from the electrician. Perhaps next weekend I can try it out.

Inside the house, the final punch out items are being addressed. Metal railings are the last items to be installed as there is a back log at the powder coating shop and they may not make it before this weekend. Final cleaning service is scheduled for Friday, along with our final walk through.