April was all about flooring

The tile contractor and to some extent the painter had the house to themselves most of April. The entire floor coverage in the house is ceramic tile and it took a looong time to install and grout it. It’s all done now, though and May has kicked off with a flurry of activity from many trades.

Last weekend Carolyn laid out the tile patterns for the backsplashes and the island kick wall. The exercise involved laying the tiles out and orienting them correctly, then drawing out a grid on paper and numbering each tile on the back according to the grid. For the island kick wall, there were 192 tiles. It took a while.

If all goes according to schedule, the next two weeks will see the house mostly completed. The trim carpenters are installing baseboard and great room beams, plumbing fixtures, hardware and lighting are being installed. The water filter and pump system will be installed and activated.

Outside, the action is picking up as well. Site cleanup and prep for the patio and barbeque are in progress. The cement drive apron and the larger driveway work is scheduled for late May. It will be very good to have that steep portion of the driveway cemented. With all of the rain and abuse from construction vehicles over the past year, four wheel drive is almost a requirement to get up to the house these days.

The end of the project is in sight.


As a side note, the rainwater cistern is now 100% full. The spring rains have been kind in that regard. Last weekend the sun was shining, though and some magic light came our way as we sat in a porch swing at our cabin.