Rock On!

Well, my darlins, the outside rock is going on this house. Texas limestone at its most Cretaceous. Edwards or Glen Rose formation, take your pick. It’s from one or the other. So many little foraminiferae gave their life for this project, the mind boggles.

Still don’t have a roof, though. Seems the metal panels were delivered the week before Thanksgiving but they were the wrong color. Rats! The panels of dark bronze tone will be delivered next Tuesday and work will begin immediately. Installation of the guttering that captures rainwater will follow and solar panels shortly thereafter. I am told that when these steps are completed the focus turns to the inside of the house and the trades are lined up and ready to go. We might even get some drywall up before the end of the year.

Anyway, here are the latest pictures, including the final positioning of limestone blocks for the circle driveway and installation of the kiva fireplace outside of the master bedroom porch. Stucco will go over the wire in the photo.