The stucco work is complete. Electrical and audio/visual before drywall are also complete. With four ceiling speakers in the great room and two more in the kitchen, we should be able to rock the hill pretty well. If they don’t do the trick, four more Polk speakers on the back porch are ready for deployment.

Preparation for metal roof installation is underway. It looks like some kind of vapor barrier is the first layer with a number of more layers to follow before the metal is installed. Solar panels are then attached to the roof as the final layer. The number of panels is still up for discussion at this time, pending final analysis by the solar guy (Mr. Sunshine??).

December is a wildcard right now. It’s the time of year when many workers in these parts head home to Mexico for the holidays to spend time with their families. We may have a few weeks of little progress at the house during December but cabinets will be under construction off site and hopefully the rainwater collection system will be completed by then.