Framing continues and the focus is now inside. The builder took a nice picture of light streaming through the great room as seen from the front entry. This picture is probably the first to capture the spirit of a room in the house as it emerges into being.

On the outside, the porches are being completed with six inch tongue in groove over the rafters. Porches will be a major focus of the house and I wanted the detail on them to be very nice. While we are there this weekend we will select a stain for the outside from a number of samples the builder will make available to us.

Limestone blocks for terracing the driveway were unceremoniously dropped along the roadway last week. When the site guy can work it into his schedule they will be stacked along the turnaround in the same manner as they are around the cistern.

And speaking of cistern, the large amounts of rainfall in recent days formed a moat around the storage vessel. Since the cistern is not yet plumbed to receive any water inside, it is a very cruel irony. Especially when considering that this wet spell is sure to end in the near future leading to who knows how many dry months. Sometimes the weather out there is like some kind of biblical epic with a capricious sky god playing the lead.