Unintended Consequences

When my builder decided to use roof trusses instead of framed rafters it saved time and money on the framing without compromising structural integrity. One downside, though, is that I lost a lot of attic storage space over the great room. No big deal.

Then the builder discovered that as a result of truss positioning there would be no way to run HVAC duct work from the great room area to the kitchen without modification of the wall above the great room arch. The plans call for a one foot deep shelf area over the arch. In order to fit in the duct work, the shelf area was eliminated and the wall will rise to the ceiling flush to the top of the arch. It will remove a bit of dramatic effect but on the bright side, it’s one less high shelf I will have to dust.

The large posts are set and the porches are framed but I don’t have final pictures yet. I’m really itching to go out there and have a look but this is Labor Day weekend and I really don’t want to be on the road.