Foundation Day Arrives

After spending the night in a nearby town, I dodged whitetail deer along the river road at 4:30 this morning to arrive before the first cement truck. On site, the giant pump truck and a crew of 13 were ready and waiting. At 5:05 I heard the rumbling of the first cement truck coming up the drive. A question I have long considered was about to be answered: Can a full size cement truck filled with nine yards of ready-mix manage the 15% grade at the breakover on the drive? The answer was yes and more easily than I suspected. Man, those trucks must be geared low.

Soon they were arriving one after the other and dumping yards and yards of cement into the hopper. The foundation forms began to fill and the crew jumped into action raking, smoothing and trawling. After about five hours and 177 yards of concrete supplied, the pouring was complete and most of the slab was walkable. When I left just after 11 a.m they were scattering rock salt on the porches. The salt eventually washes away, leaving a cool texture to the surface.

Tomorrow the forms will be removed and more site work around the slab will be done in preparation for framing and cistern installation.

What a day!

The stainless steel collar around the plumbing and just above the rebar is called Termimesh. It acts as a barrier for termites along one of their preferred access points to the house. Seems that termites can eat through a number of things but stainless steel is not one of them. All of the plumbing lines in the form sported one of these nice accessories.


This is the stoop on the back side of the garage as seen just before the pour. In addition to the rebar necessary for this area, rebar from other areas terminate in this foundation appendage as well. Thought I would document it because in the future, you could probably launch rockets off this stoop and never break the concrete!