Initial Site Work Complete. Foundation Work to Start May 31

We now have a completed water treatment system, a foundation pad, a pad for the rainwater harvesting cistern and a buried propane tank. The circle drive is also shaped and thankfully, the cedar debris, bane of my existence for years, is mostly burned or hauled away.

The cedar debris was the result of some initial clearing I had contracted a few months after purchasing the property in 2011. It was the height of the most horrendous drought in decades and I was loathe to even think about burning those seven very large piles of wood, even when the burn ban was briefly lifted from time to time. So they just sat there for years and I would occasionally add to them.

Then, in 2014 I had had enough of looking at those gnarly piles of wood and decided to have them shredded by one of the numerous companies in the Hill Country that have giant cedar eating machines. After that expensive exercise I did get clear views on the hill but I now had seven large areas of ground up cedar supersized mulch, far too large and deep to ever rot away in my lifetime. Seven large areas that not even weeds could penetrate. Bad move number two. So the irritating feature that constantly reminded me of how I over-cleared and then over spent had changed shape but not much more. So, with all of the major site work that’s been done, the removal of all that cedar brush/mulch/debris will make me smile as much as anything else.


Scrape it up and burn it!


Completing the circle of the drive


Nearly completed foundation pad