Calculating the volume of cement and building the pad


A fellow from one of the local concrete companies bidding the job came out to do some volume calculations. It’s going to take some 200 yards of concrete to complete the foundation. One very interesting and open question at this point is can a full size cement truck full of concrete get up the hill? The app on my truck calculates the slope as one nears the breakover at 14 degrees, or about 23 percent. That is mighty steep but I have witnessed very large dump trucks full of fill dirt navigate it quite handily all week. Still, that ain’t the mass of a full cement truck. If the road proves to be too steep for a standard cement truck, then smaller trucks may be necessary. And that means more drivers and more expense.


Here is the foundation pad as it begins to take shape. The mound to the left is one dump truck load. The spread and flattened, compressed, and totally smashed area represents about 20 loads give or take.


Finally, a panorama of the cabin we rented a few miles down the Guadalupe river from the home site. Not a bad place to spend a week in April in Texas.