And the Rains are a Coming

This Week I took the week off from work, rented a cabin on the banks of the Guadalupe and threw it all up to the gods. I could not wait until the finer weather of the summer or whatever better plans laid by mice and men might deliver. Sometimes you just have to leave town when you get an opening.

Tonight I am sitting out on a wooden deck watching faint lightning arc across a clear Texas sky. It is a harbinger of weather to come over the next few hours. April and May can be very strange around here. Last week there was softball size hail in San Antonio. That is hard to imagine but some folks actually ended up with those gifts from mother nature on the floor of their house. Through the roof, ceiling and all. Hope the mattress was over your head. Not hoping for a repeat of that tonight as both of my cars are only protected by the canopy of a post oak next to the cabin. Will be an interesting night. And so it goes this time of year.

So today we met with the builder for several hours. As I mentioned before, the mantra out here is capture rainwater, the more the better. We have a very large roof surface on this house and the builder is keen on getting every drop that falls onto the roof into the cistern. Today we found out that that means the elimination of  some architectural features that I was quite fond of, specifically, the plinths on the posts in the front and back with the exception of the ones in the entry. Not the end of the world. I’ll take the water instead.

So, we are moving in fill dirt as phase one. Here is where it begins.