And the Spring rains begin.

Just when construction gets underway, Mother Nature plans to open the skies and bless central Texas with rain through the end of April if the National Weather Service is to be believed.

Right now it’s all about site work. Excavation for the septic system and propane tank, clearing and leveling the areas for the cistern, and generally sculpting the area around the house site to insure proper drainage when monster rains do come. The other major project in this phase is completing the road base with chip and seal. The rains we have had this year and last have begun to erode sections of the road and this measure is meant to protect it from severe damage by cement trucks and other large vehicles. The problem is, that really shouldn’t be done when a 3 inch rain event is in the forecast lest all of that expensive gravel end up at the bottom of the hill.

I hope I can catch a weather event like this one as soon as the cistern is in place and the roof is ready to capture all of that good rain. Three inches of rain would translate to well over 10,000 gallons of water in the cistern.