Five years ago I purchased a rocky hill in Central Texas. No electricity, no water, no sewer and a road that was so dangerously steep that one could only access the top of the hill by four wheel drive or on foot. Over the course of those five years I had some cedar cleared, drilled a water well, established electricity and built a road. In between, I walked that property over and over and got to know and love it. It’s rugged and beautiful and it’s where I want to begin life version 2.0. But to do that, I need to build a house.

So, armed with a set of plans we set out to turn this dream into a reality. After years of pouring over floor plans, electrical plans, foundation plans, plans for outdoor areas and changing them over and over again, we decided on a final version. And where to put it.

After having a survey for the inset lines, here is the first stake. And the site work officially began April 4, 2016. This blog will now be a journal for the project. Stay tuned.