Was fantastic! I traveled 836 miles over about four days. The weather could not have been better, the wildflowers were in bloom and I broadened my route to include a number of roads not previously traveled. One such road was Llano country road 308, which alternated between paved and unpaved and included an number of low water crossings over streams. A stop at Luckenbach, Texas for lunch and a bit of music was in order after the flower tour and then I discovered an abandoned railroad tunnel from the 19th century that now is home to over a million fan tail Mexican bats. Unfortunately, they fly out at dusk and I could not stick around for the show.

After a restful night in Kerrville with plenty of cold beer I headed out to far southwest Texas for some very twisty runs through the various river valleys. These are by far the most spectacular motorcycle runs in the state. Texas roads 335, 336 and 337 are called the Trinity and I highly recommend a complete 155 mile run if you ever get the chance. They run through the Medina, Sabinal, two branches of the Frio and the Nueces river valleys. I found that road 335, the farthest to the west, was my favorite. Huge dips down the mountain followed by grand sweeps back up and around as the blue river courses over white limestone below will put a smile on the face of the most crusty rider. Unfortunately, there is no place to stop and take pictures on these roads. Even if there was, I’m not sure I wanted to break the spell of that great ride to try and capture a moment that probably would not translate to a still photo.

So, I will only include photos from the first full day of riding below. And a couple from Saturday when Carolyn drove the truck out with John to meet in in Kerrville. We made a trip out to the property for a couple of hours, did a bit of target shooting with an old .22 rifle that I inherited (it still shoots!), purchased Day of the Dead themed Mexican pottery in Ingram and then had a wonderful dinner at River’s Edge on the Guadalupe at sunset. All in all, a long weekend very well spent!

Wildflowers on Llano county road 308

More wildflowers


Luckenbach Cat

Giant Agave about to bloom outside art gallery in Ingram, Texas

Sunset on the Guadalupe in Kerrville, Texas