The stretch of road from Hunt, Texas that follows the South Fork of the Guadalupe River is death row for axis deer. Herds of these animals graze in lawns and pastures in this area and, unlike their white tail deer cousins, they are not automobile savvy. Driving along this road it sometimes seems like it’s a matter of when, not if, you will eventually hit one. Yesterday I witnessed the aftermath of a doe being struck. The car had just pulled over and the poor axis was still alive, though not for long. About 30 yards down the road, a buck lay dead on the roadside. It had not been there when I passed through an hour before. Fortunately, the animals are quickly removed and I assume, butchered for the meat but it’s a shame to see it happen in such a fashion. Harvesting wildlife is one thing, carnage by auto is ugly.

I never saw this tree in the midst of all of the cedar. It has a really nice shape and it can now thrive now that it no longer has to compete for water.

The view is now open.

Now, what to do with the brush piles that cannot be shed in the last remaining day of scheduled work?