So, two things on my mind. First, the extremely warm spring in Houston has yielded zucchini on April 20. I cooked it into a pasta sauce – early stages shown below. Fresh basil from the garden was added as well. A nice glass of dry Italian red wine, some good music and the Astros game (muted) on the screen made for a superb evening.

Second, I stopped by the Green Building Resource Center of Houston today and checked out the various building materials and systems for LEED certified housing. Now my current flight of fancy involves building a LEED Silver certified house in Central Texas sometime in the next five years. Lots of research obviously needs to be done and more than a few road trips as well. I’m in the very early stages of this fantasy come reality so the optimism meter is off the chart. (FYI, my Meyers-Briggs is INTP so I am easily enchanted with big, fat ideas brimming with possibility). Nevertheless, there you have it. One has to start somewhere and my general philosophy is that if you throw enough stuff against the wall, sooner or later, something is going to stick.

The mesquite flooring sample at the resource center (mesquite is indigenous to central Texas) was beautiful.

OK, if anyone is out there, please chime in. I’m looking for thoughts and ideas on environmentally sound residential construction in central Texas.

Early stages of tonight's pasta sauce