So I romp through the summer months with a beer in one hand and barbeque utensils in the other, not a care in the world. I step on a scale in early October…well… (que the music from Psycho here) the results confirm that the SkepticalWalrus is beginning to live up to the latter part of his blog name.

Always fond of vegetables anyway, I decided to make a run at the vegan way and see if I could gain a bit of wisdom from a world that is widely viewed as crunchy, earnest, humorless and in many varied ways, off-putting. Three weeks on now and I happily report that though I have not lost much weight, I feel very good with a noticable increase in energy level.

Much can be done with this way of gnoshing that is not widely reported on recipe website. The trick is not to approach this path as a form of asceticism. Fresh produce and whole grains make for some darned good eats, especially when approached with creativity and imagination.

Combine it all with a renewed yoga practice and it’s enough to get yer woo going.