Today I removed the spent cucumber vines and a fair number of weeds from the garden. For the second year in a row, the cucumbers produced like gangbusters and a few new recipes were tried to accommodate the bounty. My favorite was a cucumber soup that contained a bit of avocado, green onion and a hint of curry powder. Very refreshing for lunch on hot Houston afternoons. Kudos to Carolyn for the outstanding preparation of this fine soup.

Surprisingly, the sweet red bell peppers continue to produce in the stifling heat. Must be a variety developed in some outer layer of hell. Aside from that, about the only thing remaining in the vegetable area are the herbs and a few leeks that I am trying to coax into producing this fall. The rest of the beds are full of flowers, including the crape myrtles and oleanders, both of which appreciated the rains we had this month. The sunflowers at the back near the fence are becoming robust now and should put on a pretty good show in August. I sense that they do not like playing second fiddle to the zinnias.

Sunflowers coming on

Zinnias reaching for the sky

Bouganvilla leaves in the pool

Red bell peppers almost ready to pick