This week the Skepticalwalrus has been attending a work related conference in sunny (and much cooler than Houston) San Diego, California. What he learned during the week long extravaganza:

1. Technology is cool, as long as someone else is in charge of making it work on a large scale.

2. The Skepticalwalrus does not play well with corporate types, their policies and procedures, schemes that amount to little more than shell games and in general, all of the collected asshattery (sp?) that passes for doing something productive in the corporate world. Frankly, a person who mixes a first-rate Bloody Mary and produces a perfectly baked artichoke, fontina and roma tomato pizza is the one society should hold up as an ideal. At least they made something! Which bring me to my final point.

3. Tending bar in a Costa Rican beach community becomes a more attractive career option with each passing day.

Going to San Diego is a lot like going to an upscale strip club. There’s some pretty cool stuff to look at but it’s gonna cost you a lot of money before you get out of the place. Be on an expense account if you can swing it. Still, it’s a nice break from Houston in July and a recommended place for a four day weekend of exploring historical nautical themed venues, catching a Padres game at Petco park and enjoying a bowl of first-rate ciapino down by the yacht marina.