Recently I tried my hand at making mole sauce. Now, I have never really liked mole sauce that much but it just looked like something I needed to attempt, what with all those ingredients and kitchen gymnastics. It turned out pretty well, I guess but it certainly was not worth the five hours of my life that I dedicated to this cause. My takeaways from this project:

1. How can anything that has that many ingredients (spices, peppers, nuts, chocolate, kitchen sink, etc.) and takes five hours to prepare be so utterly unremarkable in flavor?

2. Reason: Mole was never intended to actually be eaten. The preparation of mole is merely a vehicle for getting crazy old abuela into the kitchen and out of everyone’s hair for the day.

After a couple of attempts at serving the mole sauce with grilled turkey breast (turkey breast gone, sauce widely ignored), I spooned the stuff into food saver bags and exiled it to the freezer. Just could not bring myself to run it all down the disposal after all of that effort. I will do that in a few weeks after its time in cold exile has expired.