About a year and a half ago in rare flash of extroversion, I jumped into the world of facebook. Today I jumped out of that world. Without going into too much detail, after an initial period of contacting old acquaintances and exchanging a bit of small talk about family and careers, the entire thing just sunk into a bizarre voyeuristic experience. Bizarre in that the lion’s share of postings I saw were related to farmville, or mafia wars or billiard games. Frankly, it was too damn close to watching a bingo game at the old folk’s home for me. I’m not ready to go there yet. Or ever. So I played the nuclear option and deleted the account.

In retrospect, the facebook epoch was like a psychological springboard for me. Something I needed to do as a touchstone to a part of my past in order to shift gears and move forward. And now that’s done. So time to move on.