No mention, however, of the effect of this gene variant on mating…

    Here’s a list of — I kid you not — real scientific names for fruit fly genes and the effects they produce:

    Stranded At Second: A fruit fly that dies, usually in the second larval stage of development.

    Agoraphobic: A fruit fly with larvae that look normal but never crawl out of the egg shell.

    Groucho Marx: A fruit fly that produces an excess of facial bristles.

    Cheap Date: A fruit fly that expresses high sensitivity to alcohol.

    Out Cold: A fruit fly that loses coordination when the temperature drops.

    Kenny: A fruit fly without this gene dies in two days, named for the South Park character who dies in each episode.

    Ken and Barbie: Fruit flies that fail to develop external genitalia.

    I’m Not Dead Yet (INDY): These fruit flies live longer than usual. This is from the Monty Python movie The Holy Grail, where a guy pushing a wheelbarrow calls out, “Bring out your dead,” only to discover that one corpse is well enough to shout out, “I’m not dead yet!” over and over.

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