All aboard!!! Ha!…Ha!…Ha!…Ha! (Sorry, Ozzie).

After a hiatus of about three months I have resumed my yoga practice. It always feels so good to begin again. For some reason I can never seem to keep my routine active for more than three or four months at most. A season changes, my mood shifts and the daily practice abruptly stops. Suddenly, it’s “Enlighten this!” as I plop my butt upon the couch, open a beer and engage whatever sports playoff series is in vogue at the moment. When I resume practice a number of weeks/months later, I always proclaim that this time will be different. This time I will encounter deeper levels of meditation, master more advanced asanas, achieve better concentration on breathing, become an instructor! Open a studio!! Better yet, move to Costa Rica and teach yoga beachside!!! blah, blah, blah…. But in eight years of riding the crazy yoga train, the cycle never fails to repeat.

So this time I hereby proclaim that the newly engaged practice will cease when it ceases and I will not expect nor actively encourage it to become more than something I just happen to be doing right now. So take that, you analytical, rational, scheming side of the brain! Meanwhile, of course, I will comment on the battle within my mind during this time of yoga engagement right here at Skepticalwalrus. Wait! That’s analysis! Doh!