When I was a wee lad I spent a few Friday and Saturday nights watching spaghetti westerns on the late show on a funky old black and white TV I had in my bedroom. The long stretches with no dialogue, odd angle close-ups of Clint Eastwood’s face with three day stubble, truly insane bad guys and of course, the Ennio Morricone soundtrack made for an experience that one just could not get from watching Gunsmoke or Bonanza. Besides, the atmosphere of those movies was very similar to the one I experienced in parochial middle school at that time.

In later years, one of the cable movie channels made it a habit of running those great films every December 24th and 25th and it became quite the tradition, when my daughters were young and impressionable, for our entire family to celebrate the spirit of the season with Clint Eastwood and Lee van Cleef. The girls turned out fine, though. The oldest even went on to study film in college. (Hmm…maybe she is trying to work through the scars of that earlier time?? Nah!)

Enter, the Spaghetti Western Orchestra. (!) I heard about these guys this morning on BBC and have been stoked ever since. For five guys, it looks to be an incredibly large production and promises to be a load of fun. Check out the ten minute clip on the site. Unfortunately, they are presently only touring in Europe but if they ever get over here, I will be first in line to purchase tickets.