So I’m walking toward North Beach from the Embarcadero on a Saturday evening, listening to Carole King and contemplating recent life events. San Francisco is one of my favorite places to visit and a brisk walk around this beautiful city is always good for the soul. Some people go to the countryside for reflection and there are times when that works for me but when big issues need to be hammered out in my mind, I head for the city. And so it was on this evening.

After a beer with a group of very colorful locals, dinner at Brandy Ho’s and an hour perusing City Lights Bookstore I headed for the wharf to look across the bay at night. The wind, the mist, the lights of the Bay Bridge and Oakland beyond evoked feelings of both awe and melancholy. I stood there for quite a while just taking it in. I stopped thinking, planning, organizing and scheming. It was a great moment and not one that can be planned. When my mind reengaged I turned to head for the train station. And I didn’t look back.