Jung Center - Houston

I spent Friday evening and Saturday at the Jung Center at a class on Spirituality and the Body moderated by a local Jungian Analyst. Now I must say that this one took me, well, a bit beyond my typical analytical, thinking functions but my introverted intuitive nature could not resist the opportunity to dive into the unconscious for a bit of self-discovery.

The workshop focused on movement and the images or emotions that emerged from the unconscious during or immediately after ten minute periods of movement. This was done in silence.  No music or talking.  Time was then spent engaged in writing or art to capture these images or emotions and to my surprise, the artwork was where the energy emerged for me. Writing is my default method of expression but while I could only manage a few lame sentences, I filled an entire large sketchpad sheet with figures, images and color.

I guess one of the things I most enjoy about these kinds of workshops is the people I meet.  Our group of 14 included a retired biochemist from Baylor College of Medicine, a delightful woman of 77 years who was an artist, a novelist, a fellow geologist, a professional harpist and a woman who is organizing community gardening in the Houston area.  It was a good way to spend a Saturday and it must have been real work on some level because I went home and proceeded to sleep for ten hours.