With the exception of a couple of days in the office to tidy things up, I basically had two weeks to unwind, peel back the layers accumulated onto my self during the year and find some balance.

After the overture weekend of barbeque and great company, the three day ride through south central Texas made for a terrific first act.  Beautiful twisting roads over big hills and a cool dip into Barton Springs in Austin were just the ticket for a big smile.  Then, it was off to Costa Rica.

With camera in hand and a big brimmed hat, I made my way to the Pacific coast and a place called Playa Grande.  The beaches were beautiful and undeveloped, the weather was quite nice and in the early morning hours, the howler monkeys sent up an eerie call.  Having an afternoon beer or two with expatriate gringos in local dives provided hours of entertainment as well.

Costa Rica Pics